The Oikos Foundation’s mission is to advocate for conservative political ideas in Swedish civil society, culture, business, media, and academia. 

Oikos works to support the ideals of a new generation of conservatives, characterized by an inclusive nationalism, open to all who believe in our nation and its’ ideals.

Oikos’ core purpose is to challenge the liberal elite’s ideological hegemony within Swedish academia, culture, and mainstream media. 

Oikos wants to lead a positive, conservative cultural change in civil society, culture, business, media, and academia that will strengthen a sense of community, family, and national belonging. 


The Oikos Foundation believes in a Swedish society in which a feeling of community, prosperity, and home may flourish. ​

Oikos works to support the ideals of a new conservatism, inclusive and open to all. We believe our national welfare is fundamental to each and everyone’s individual opportunity.​

Our ideological compass is based on the principles of national community, shared identity, individual opportunity, and a Swedish national belonging. We represent a conservative movement welcoming to all.​

We want to restore a feeling of ‘home’. We believe in restoring optimism, law, order, and the timeless ideals of Western society.​

The mission of The Oikos Foundation is to better formulate and promote conservative political ideas based on the principles of community, identity, individual opportunity, and our shared democracy.

The Oikos Foundation is the academic champion of conservatism within the intellectual realm.


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The Oikos Foundation is the first ever conservative think-tank in Sweden.​ 

Oikos is Sweden’s leading intellectual, academic voice and platform for conservative thought leadership and debate. 

The board of trustees works actively to strengthen the organization’s thought leadership, development, and position in the market of ideas.

Mattias Karlsson
Founder & 
Executive Director

Dan Korn 
 Member of the Board

Arvid Hallén
 Member of the Board

Naweed Khan
Founding Member of the Board

Malcom Kyeyune
 Member of the Board

Asle Toje
 Member of the Board